Lifting Beam Rental

Known as the “Selby’s Arm”, this innovative breakthrough cantilever lifting beam for rent features several unique advantages over traditional material lifts used for heavy payloads. This lifting beam greatly improves safety for workers and load handlers, as well as reduces the risk of damage to buildings, onsite materials, and even the crane itself.

The “Selby’s Arm” works on the principal of an internal counterweight that is hydraulically adjusted by the tradesman handling the equipment. Electrical controls allow both ground crews and load handlers to make small adjustments enabling precise placement.

When suspended by a crane, the arm can be moved in all three directions allowing total control of the load. Easily and safely places heavy loads into or under a structure. No external moving parts or pinch points and no need for external scaffolding or platforms. Nationwide delivery available. The Selby’s Arm lifting beam is offered at daily, weekly and monthly rental rates.