Alexander Equipment Equipment Refurbishing


Make your equipment look and work like new again.

We offer complete equipment refurbishment services. Options include new paint, decals, batteries, new wheels, tires and can include major and minor mechanical, hydraulic and electrical system repairs.

Physical Appearance

Alexander Equipment Paint Service
  • New paint to the original manufacturer's specifications.

  • OEM decals including safety and operation decals.

  • Custom paint to client's specifications. Company logo decals.

  • New wheels. New tires.

Equipment Reconditioning

Mechanical / Hydraulic / Electrical Systems

Telehandler Paint

Major and minor mechanical and drive train repair including engine and drive motor replacement.

Hydraulic fitting and hose replacement.

New batteries and complete electrical system analysis and component replacement.

How It Works

One of our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect your equipment utilizing our multi point inspection report to determine what your machine needs.

How much or how little is up to you

After we complete our inspection, how much you spend refurbishing your machine or equipment fleet is up to you.

We will give you a detailed explanation including cost estimate for your approval before proceeding.

Our reconditioning services are offered ala carte, so you always decide what is best for your company.

Great Value

Reconditioning used equipment can be very cost effective when compared to purchasing new equipment. Most used aerial lifts, industrial forklifts and telehandlers are candidates for refurbishment.

Your equipment's physical condition can be a reflection of your company's image. It extends service life of a machine and improves the overall value of your equipment or fleet.