Operator training can make your work environment a safer place and help your employees work more efficiently.



Only trained and authorized personnel are allowed to operate aerial lift equipment, industrial forklifts and telehandlers.

Employers are responsible for providing OSHA approved safety training for all lift equipment operators.

Operator Safety Training Offered at Alexander Equipment

Our programs are designed by industry leading manufacturers to instruct operators in the safe and proper use of their equipment.

Instruction includes classroom training, hands-on familiarization, and all training materials.

All needed documentation, including wallet cards are provided for students who successfully complete the course.

For your convenience, we can schedule operator safety classes at your facility or ours depending on the number of employees needing training.

Aerial Lift

Operator Training

Our aerial lift operator training program will qualify your crew to operate all types of aerial lift equipment safely.

The course includes classroom instruction that will teach employees, how to identify and avoid the hazards associated with aerial lift operation, how to perform a pre-operation inspection, function tests and workplace inspection.

In addition to the classroom portion, the participants will go through a comprehensive hands on familiarization process to ensure that each person is proficient in the operation of the specific make and model of aerial lift equipment they are required to operate on the job site or at your facility.

Industrial Forklift

Operator Training

Industrial forklifts steer from the rear, have a tight turning radius, are capable of lifting and transporting heavy loads, and have no suspension. Proper training is very important.

Forklift operator training includes: how to perform pre-operation inspection and function tests, the importance of being familiar with the specific make and model of lift truck to be operated, the stability triangle and load capacity limits, how to operate a forklift on a sloped surface, how to operate a forklift in enclosed spaces such as a semi-trailer as well as how to lift and place loads.

In addition to classroom training, each operator will be required to successfully complete a driving test to demonstrate proficiency.


Operator Training

Telehandlers, also known as reach forklifts, require detailed, specific training for personnel that operate these class 7 material handling machines.

Telehandler operator training includes: How to read a load capacity chart, all required operator inspections, load handling and load stability, dynamic forces of carrying a load in motion, the importance of the stability triangle, rectangle or trapezoid, and practical evaluation that includes each operator demonstrating safe operating proficiency.

Our in-depth telehandler training program includes classroom instruction as well as comprehensive hands on training on the specific make and model of boom over, reach forklift to be used on the job.

Genie Lift Pro Online Operator Training

As an authorized Genie equipment dealer, Alexander Equipment offers online aerial lift operator training.Genie developed this two-part program, delivering a standardized aerials or telehandler training package, to help operators stay safe and fleet owners reduce their repair costs.

Meets ANSI, OSHA and CSA requirements. Applicable to operators of most aerial lifts or telehandler brands, makes and models. The online portion will need to be supplemented with hands on familiarization specific to the make and model of the equipment your employees will be required to operate.

Whether you need to train a new lift operator or get your entire staff certified, consider Alexander Equipment's operator training program.

We offer a comprehensive program to suit your needs.