July - August 2021 Newsletter | 815-605-1031

Rental Equipment You Need

We always have a large inventory of aerial lifts, forklifts and construction equipment for rent.

Calling All Chicago White Sox Fans

Check out this all new, original White Sox fan anthem on YouTube written by one of our own, then share it!.

How to Transfer from a MEWP Platform to an Elevated Structure

Transferring from an elevated aerial lift platform requires common sense, planning, and additional training.

Understanding the Difference Between Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint

Both systems are forms of active fall protection but have different uses in real-life applications.

Forklift Operator Training.

These forklift accidents can be useful in training operators in not what to do..

FREE Full body harness with purchase of a boom lift. exp 7/30/21

FREE First required annual safety inspection with purchase of a forklift. exp 7/30/21