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Brand New Skyjack Electric Scissor Lifts are in Stock

Alexander Equipment has new Skyjack scissor lifts for sale and ready for pickup or delivery.


How to Operate a Skyjack SJIII3220

Familiarization Demo of the Month

Would you like to know more about how to operate a Skyjack SJIII3220 scissor lift? Take a look at our tutorial on the functions and operation of this popular electric scissor.

How to Operate a Skyjack SJIII3220

Care Tips to Prolong Battery Life In Freezing Weather

Winter is on the way and all indicators say that it could be a cold one. So, before starting work in the freezing weather, consider these battery care tips to avoid downtime caused by a dead battery.


Fall Restraint vs. Fall Arrest

When it comes to personal fall protection equipment, every boom lift operator needs to know the difference between fall restraint and fall arrest systems.

Fall arrest systems

Top Forklift Operator Fails of 2022

We like to share these videos from time to time to demonstrate the genuine need for forklift operator training. This demonstrates what not to do.


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