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Aerial Lift / Industrial Forklift Training and Safety


Aerial Lift OSHA Operator Training

OSHA mandates that only trained and authorized personnel are allowed to operate aerial lift equipment. Operator training can help make your work environment a safer place and help your operators work more efficiently. As an employer, you want to make sure that you meet all OSHA requirements by providing training to help your employees  work safely, productively and efficiently. Call 815-933-2122 or click here to for more information or to schedule Operator Training today!

Operator Safety Training Offered at Alexander Equipment

Operator training programs are designed by industry leading manufacturers to instruct operators in the safe and proper use of their equipment. Instruction includes classroom training, hands-on familiarization and all training materials. All documentation, including wallet cards are provided for students who successfully complete the course.

  • Equipment operator classes are offered on a regular basis at our facility.
  • We offer operator training for larger groups at your facility. Call now for a quote!
  • Operator training classes include classroom and hands-on familiarization that take approximately 3 hours for aerial lift operators and 4 hours for forklift operators.

Industrial Forklift Operator Training

Whether you need to train a new forklift operator or get your entire staff certified, consider Alexander Equipment’s forklift operator training program. We offer a comprehensive program to suit your needs.

Today’s facility managers know that a skilled forklift operator can have an enormous impact on the bottom line. With years of experience in operator training, Alexander Equipment offers a combination of the latest training materials and time-tested teaching methods. Our courses reflect industry standard recommendations as well as many suggestions from trainers and safety directors.

Aerial Lift Operator Training

At Alexander Equipment we offer a comprehensive aerial lift operator safety program that will certify your crew to operate all types of aerial lift equipment safely.

This course includes classroom instruction that will help your employees to:

  • Identify and avoid the hazards associated with aerial lift operation.
  • Always perform a pre-operation inspection
  • Always perform a pre-operation function test of all controls and safety related elements
  • Inspect the workplace prior to bringing the machine into position to perform a task
  • Only use the machine as it is intended
In addition to the classroom portion of this training program we will also put participants through a comprehensive hands on familiarization process to ensure that each person is proficient in the operation of the specific make and model of aerial lift equipment they are required to operate on the job in your facility.

Refresher Training Courses

Refresher training is available for operators who have been previously trained and need to renew their wallet cards. The classroom portion reviews basic safety fundamentals and a practical hands on operation review completes the renewal process. New wallet cards are provided upon successful completion.

OSHA also requires Refresher Training if an accident occurs during equipment operation, workplace hazards are discovered or a different type of equipment is used.

Employers are also required to retrain workers who are observed operating an aerial lift improperly.

Genie Lift Pro Online Operator Training

As an authorized Genie equipment dealer, Alexander Equipment is pleased to offer online aerial lift operator training.

This will need to be supplemented with hands on familiarization specific to the make and model of the equipment your employees will be required to operate. Our aerial lift professional can come to your facility or your employees can come to Alexander Equipment to perform the hands on certification.

Genie developed this two-part program, delivering a standardized aerials or telehandler training package, to help operators stay safe and fleet owners reduce their repair costs.    

  • Designed by the manufacturer for high-quality, simple and standardized delivery
  • Meets applicable ANSI, OSHA and CSA requirements
  • Is applicable to operators of most aerials or telehandler brands, makes and models

How It Works

Purchase direct from Alexander Equipment (An authorized Genie Distributor.) Prices start at $225 per person. Discounts are available for larger groups. 

Complete the general training anytime, online and at your own pace. Video, graphics and narration make it easier to follow and learn.

Complete a short hands-on training with Alexander Equipment’s aerial lift specialist for instruction and experience operating the applicable aerial work platform or telehandler models.

Receive your Genie Lift Pro aerial access card verifying completion of the training required to become a qualified aerial work platform or telehandler operator.

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